If a customer is not satisfied with our products and decides that they would like to change their order, they must send an email to contacto@ingratafortuna.com including their full name and order number, which consists of four digits.

The customer will have 3 business days after the date they receive their order to print out the guide and send the merchandise in the same conditions and packaging with which it was received, through a local FedEx office. The shipment can take between 2 and 3 business days to arrive at our facilities. Once the package and its content have been received, we will notify the customer.

The merchandise must be received in perfect condition; So our confirmation to make the change will be made after the piece has been received and physically reviewed by our team.

Once the return is received, a physical exchange can be made for another part. If the customer requires it, we can provide a coupon for future purchases, valid for 90 days. This is due to the fact that the type of merchandise with which we work has fluctuations in value in short-term periods of time.

In the event that you require a refund for manufacturing defects, you must request it via email to coordinate the return with the Ingrata Fortuna staff. Refunds apply only for manufacturing defects.

Returning the parts safely to our facilities is the responsibility of the customer. Our shipments are delivered in sealed packages. If you receive a damaged package or suspect that it has been opened, immediately contact the courier company (FedEx or UPS).

Deliveries in Mexico City are made by our team, it is mandatory to sign or allow a photo to be taken at the time of delivery. Check that the package is sealed, if it is not, please contact us directly.

The client can authorize another person to receive the package, however, they must inform our offices (applies only for Mexico City deliveries). We will contact you as soon as possible to coordinate the logistics. By signing the shipping slip or allowing a photograph to be taken, the recipient agrees to the delivery conditions of the package. Once the package is delivered, we do not take any responsibility for loss.

Deliveries in Mexico City will be made once by our team, if the order is not received, the customer must pay for another shipping fee if necessary, or collecting the package in our offices.

This policy does not apply to special orders or purchases outside the online store. Remember that you always have the option of receiving your merchandise safely at our facilities.


In the unlikely event that a customer were dissatisfied with their purchase, we provide our exchange and return policy. 

If a customer were dissatisfied with our products, and decided they would like to exchange their order, they must email contacto@ingratafortuna.com and include their name and order number (it is a four-digit number).

The customer will have 3 business days after receiving the product to print out the guide and have it delivered, along with their package, at a local FedEx office. Shipment may take 2-3 business days. We will notify the customer as soon as we receive the package. 

Merchandise must be received in perfect conditions; therefore, we will only confirm that the exchange can be performed once the piece has been physically received by our team, who will then carry out the corresponding inspection.

Once the return has been received, a physical exchange for another piece can be performed. If the customer requires it, we can provide a coupon for future purchases, valid for 90 days. 

In the event you require a reimbursement due to manufacturing defects, this must be done via email to arrange the return along with the Ingrata Fortuna team. Reimbursements apply only for manufacturing defects.

Delivering the pieces safely back to our facilities is the customer’s responsibility. The buyer is in charge of all shipping expenses. 

This policy does not apply for special orders or for purchases outside the online shop. 

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