Complete Privacy Notice for Ingrata Fortuna’s Website (ingratafortuna.com E-Commerce)

Responsible for handling, protection, and confidentiality of Personal Information.

The requested Personal Information is handled by INGRATA FORTUNA, for the following primary purposes:

  • To update our databases;
  • For online shopping;
  • To register your order and deliver your products;
  • To carry out the corresponding billing, if required;
  • To address any questions, complaints, suggestions; and
  • For Quality Service.

We may also use your Personal Information for the secondary purposes listed below:

  • To send promotions, publicity, and discount coupons for Ingrata Fortuna;
  • To learn about your purchasing habits, tastes, and preferences, so we can offer products accordingly;
  • To carry out marketing, market segmentation, and statistical studies; and
  • To invite you to participate in our events, contests, or giveaways, social media promotions and activities, and, if you should win, to contact you for prize delivery.

We would like to inform you that you can refuse the handling of your Personal Information in a period of 5 business days after having given your consent for this Privacy Notice. You can express your revocation rights via email to:


The Information requested at www.ingratafortuna.com is:

  • Full name
  • RFC (in case billing is required)
  • Landline and/or mobile telephone number
  • Email
  • Address Information
  • Credit Card Information

In the event that we do not receive an explicit objection to your personal information being transferred in the manner and terms aforementioned, we will proceed with the understanding that you have implicitly consented to it.

Product guarantees are valid for 90 days after the date of purchase for manufacturing defects. The products that Ingrata Fortuna deals with are fragile, and it is your responsibility to provide them the appropriate use (we will not be held responsible in case the product suffers physical damages due to misuse).

Payment method used: PayPal

Important Note: We reserve the right to carry out, at any moment, modifications or updates to this privacy notice, to comply with any new legal or judicial guidelines, internal policies, new requirements for rendering or offering our services or products, and market practices. Any modification to this Privacy Notice can be found on our website:



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